Being part of the 1948 Group, DDS Demolition are sister companies with TW Services, a market leading waste management company. They recycle on average 96% of the 100,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste they receive each year.

DDS Demolition fully complies with The Environmental Protection Act 1990, which imposes statutory requirements to protect the local environment. In addition, we enforce our own policies that are tailored to each and every contract we undertake.

Many of the contracts we undertake involve the remediation of contaminated land, which we manage carefully to reduce the risk of further pollution of the surrounding environment. DDS Demolition’s comprehensive approach diminishes the risks associated with such soils, and provides a safe and proficient solution to problems posed by polluted lands.

As a company, we strive for continuous improvement of our environmental practice. To meet this aim, DDS Demolition endeavour to uphold awareness and compliance to all new environmental legislation and regulations.

DDS Demolition has a management system certified to the OHSAS 14001 standard.